AP US Government 12

This course explores the political theory and everyday practice that direct the daily operation of our government and shape our public policies.  For AP students, the purpose of this course is to prepare students to take the AP Exam for US Government and Politics.  The course is taught on a college level and requires a substantial amount of reading and preparation for every class. Students will develop a critical understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of the American political system, as well as their own rights and responsibilities. Strong familiarity with current events and political issues is also essential.

A major individual research paper is required for graduation and will be researched and written in the fourth quarter

Main Text:

Bianco & Canon, American Politics Today, W.W. Norton & Co, 2009, 1st Edition.

Secondary Text: 

Serow & Ladd, The Lanahan Readings in the American Polity,  Lanahan Publishers, Inc., 2009, 4th Edition.

Class News & Assignments

Course Syllabus

AP Gov E-Reader

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