Welcome to the website for the Humanities Department of Marywood-Palm Valley School.

The Humanities Department offers courses from Grades 6-12 which help our students prepare to lead informed and involved lives in the world. Our interdisciplinary Social Sciences approach throughout the Middle and Upper School years both introduces and builds upon key concepts in Anthropology, Civics, Economics, International Studies, Law, Political Science, Psychology and Sociology to enrich the three core disciplines of History, Geography, and Government. At every level we encourage our students to become global citizens in their outlook, participation, and future studies.

In Grades 6, 7, 9 and 10, we emphasize a Global Studies approach through an emphasis on “non-Western” history as well as a major focus on Current Events. Throughout our curriculum, students are challenged to explore, ask questions, discuss and debate, while developing the skills of reading, writing, and critical thought that are essential to success in a college-preparatory school and beyond. All students are required to complete a major research project in History or Government during the spring of their senior year.

In addition to World Geography, World History, and U.S History at both the Middle and Upper School levels, we feature six different Advanced Placement courses (each approved by the College Board through its rigorous AP Audit Process):  World History for Grade 10, United States History for Grade 11, U.S. Government & Politics for Grade 12, Psychology for Grade 12, and (in alternating years) either European History or Comparative Government & Politics as a second Grade 12 elective.

The Humanities Department also sponsors and advises two main extracurricular Upper School activities: Junior State of America (an organization dedicated to political debate, including three Southern California regional conventions each year) and Mock Trial (a team which competes in the Riverside County tournament each winter). In addition, our classes visit different Los Angeles-area museums on Middle School-Upper School “partnership” trips every year.

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